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I am on my way to Thailand. I am a highschool student earning my own study abroad trips. I create resin earings, bowls, and other resin items.

About the Designer:
My mom has always had a flair for the unusual and that included me. Saviona Giavoni.Giavoni I am a quirky, one of a kind, do my own thing 16 year old. I have all these designs swirling around my head just waiting to find their way to a piece of clay, a bag, blanket, clothing or other medium. Sometimes I feel a tad out of place with my quirkiness and yes like so many that stand out I have been bullied for it too. My mom has always said the very things people bully you about are likely the very God Given talents that you have. And you?re wasting your talent if you let what other people say stop you.

About this Website:
I designed this site myself, the graphics as well as the java scripting and the HTML. I don?t necessarily plan on being a programmer but I am glad I learned enough to do my own thing. I used several Adobe programs to create the graphics.

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